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Τραγουδάρα της Corinne Bailey Rae, που την ταινία "The Man with the Iron Fists" του RZA. chains..
“That’s an original track. She’s one of the few people who had seen seventy percent of the movie at this point. We were in California working on a few songs together. And I kept having to leave the studio and go back to editing. And she kept being like, ‘What are you working on?’ So I said, ‘Come and see.’ So I invited her and her sister. And they were the first women to see the film. And they loved it.
“It was good to have a female perspective, because we didn’t think that women were going to love it like that, and women love this film, yo. And she had called me up, and said that there was a part in the film that really moved her. She said she went home and kept thinking about it, and that she wanted to write something about this particular part. So I said, ‘Go for it.’ 
“I sent her a music cue from where the scene starts off, and I said, ‘Just put [your song] in the same key as this cue, and it will flow.’ So she wrote it, and sent it to me, and I said we could use it because it felt great. 
“And one other thing she did that was special on this particular song is she recorded it on two inch tape. And we had to mix it that way. That was a requirement. To give it that old, soul sound.”
-- RZA

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